Citric Acid

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  • Description
    Citric acid is the most versatile and widely used organic acid in food stuff. It is used as preservative , emulsifying agent and as an anti oxidant It is present in lemons and many other ripe fruits .
  • Culinary Uses
    Citric acid is not only used as a flavoring but also as a firming compound. Tomato products use citric acid to keep canned tomatoes firmer in texture as well as reducing the pH level to assist with the sterilization process when canning. It is also a common ingredient used to keep canned fruits from darkening. Citric Acid or Citric Acid Crystals are sometimes referred to as sour salt in cooking. Citric Acid is a mild acid used as an acidulant in foods.
  • Health Benefits
    As a food additive, citric acid is in common use. It can be added to flavor certain drinks, especially soft drinks.
    •It is bitter – one of its main uses in food is to make certain candy sour.
    •When you buy sour candies, you may note many of them are covered with a fine white powder. This is citric acid, which adds an exterior coating to the candies and provides quite a bit of sour taste.