Coriander Seeds

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  • Description
    Pleasant, aromatic and spicy, the seeds have been in use since ancient times in cooking as well as in various traditional medicines. The seeds are ready for harvest when the plants turn brown, leaves begin to dry and fall.
  • Culinary Uses
    Dried coriander seeds are one of the common spice ingredients used worldwide. In general, completely dried seeds are gently roasted under low flame in a pan before ground in order to get fine powder. Roasting enhances the release of special aromatic essential oils in the seeds. Coriander seeds are used as flavoring agent in confectionery, stews, sausages, sweet breads, and cakes. Coriander leaves as well as seeds are being used as an aromatic spice most of the food recipes.
  • Health Benefits
    Coriander seeds are carminative, aromatic , antispasmodic and stimulant. They are beneficial in the treatment of piles, intestinal worms and acidity. It is also used in the treatment of conjunctivitis, head ache and indigestion.