Mastic Gum

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  • Description
    Mastic is a sticky substance derived from the Pistacia lentiscus tree, also called Chios mastic. As a supplement, mastic is available in capsules or can be chewed as a gum.

  • Culinary Uses
    Mastic-flavored chewing gum is sold in Lebanon[10] and Greece. Mastic is used in ice cream, sauces, and seasoning in Lebanon. In Egypt, mastic is used in vegetable preserves, in jams that have a gummy consistency, in soups, and in the preparation of meats. In Morocco, mastic is used in the preparation of smoked foods. In Turkey, mastic is widely used in desserts such as Turkish delight and dondurma; in puddings and in soft drinks. It is also in Turkish coffee on the Aegean coast. In the Maghreb countries, mastic is used mainly for cakes, sweets, and pastries and as a stabilizer in meringue and nougat.
  • Health Benefits
    People have traditionally chewed mastic gum to relieve digestive upset Helps to decrease stomach and intestinal ulcers Effective in decreasing inflammatory bowel disease. Effective in liver protection. Mastic gum is a breath freshener and may help prevent cavities, because it kills bacteria that cause these problems.