Mono sodium glutamate

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  • Description
    The appreciation of a delicious meal is something shared by people in every country. Adding umami to ingredients can make them more appetizing without destroying their original flavor. **The important elements of food acceptability are the tastes, “sweet” “sour”, “salty” ,”bitter”, and “umami”, which are known as the basic taste. A basic taste is an independent taste which can not be created even though the combination of other taste.
  • Culinary Uses
    Aji No Moto can be used in Food as s a dressing and as a finishing touch, to boost the flavor of soups As a compliment to other seasonings
  • Health Benefits
    AFor almost 100 years, Ajinomoto has been making significant discoveries of the potentials of amino acids, which are renowned for their diverse health benefits as well as their taste-enhancing properties. The Tokyo-based corporation is also a leader in seasonings, food production, cooking oils, and various medicines. A leading corporation in Japan, Ajinomoto is aiming to contribute significant advances in Food and Health on a global basis.