Red Chilli (Extra Hot)

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  • Description
    The extra hot red chili help in adding pungent and irresistible taste to the food. Crushed Chillies can be used as a garnish for pizza toppng, chicken, meat and fish preparations. Extra Hot Red Chilli are widely used for coloring and flavoring in different cuisines and dishes. It is also used as a major ingredient in different seasonings, pepper and tabasco sauce.

  • Culinary Uses
    Extra Hot Red Chilli is widely consumed in several countries where consumers demand high peppery flavour in their Cuisines. Due to presence of high color value & maximum pungency (heat) even a small quantity of addition of this extra hot red chilli powder make food yummy, mouth watering & peppery in taste.
  • Health Benefits
    From medical point of veiw, consumption of red chilli powder is good. It is a rich source of vitamins & protiens. It also help to reduce Cholestrol & control blood pressure. Consumption of extra hot red chilli powder reduces drowsiness of body and make it active. Proper consumption of red chilli powder increases the immunity of body and boosts resistivity. Can be include the benefit as a stimulator for libido. However, one should take caution from excessive consumption, as it may result in damaging the inner walls of the intestine.