Our Story

A happy coincidence that the establishment of "Majdi Center Company" was accompanied with the independence of the State of Kuwait in 1961, to be a part of the progress and growth movement (Majdi) witnessed by Kuwait over the years under the leadership of the royal family “Al-Sabah”, until that the Kuwait renaissance became a model for many near and far countries seeking to follow and imitate it. This would not have been achieved without building Kuwait cultural renaissance features on a solid ground, a clear vision and defined objectives. And in loyalty for the Kuwaiti people in which I had found all the meanings of loyalty and brotherhood, we were keen to do our best at that stage of life to express our love and loyalty by providing satisfactory products, and so we started working on our modest in size project but big in dreams and ambition, which is the project of grinding and packaging spices, grains and herbs characterized by high quality to be within the reach and trust of everyone. All this make the challenges faced when setting up "Majdi Center company", beyond the challenges faced by anyone at the start of any project, but the challenge was to keep pace with the cultural renaissance of Kuwait, like many companies and projects that have been established at that stage to provide the Kuwaiti people with all their daily needs in various areas and fields.