Red Mung Whole

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  • Description
    The red lentils or the Masoor dal are very popular in the subcontinent. They are orange-red in color and have a strong nutty taste.There are many popular dishes of the subcontinent which include the red lentils. They are used in the making of various soups, stews or can be made into spicy dal dishes taken with boiled rice.

  • Culinary Uses
    Red lentils cook faster and are more smooth than other types of lentils. Red lentils are best for soups and purees and this makes them a great choice for baby food. It is thought that the red lentil will not cause gas as easily as other lentils because of the lower level of fiber.
  • Health Benefits
    One of the prime nutrients in lentils is protein. Around two cups of this daal can complete your daily requirement of protein. It is the main source of protein for many vegetarian people across the whole world, mainly Indians. – Its low in calories and fat content. So if you are planning to lose weight then lentils can be the best choice. Its rich in iron and folate which are required for increasing blood amounts and preventing various neural defects. So its highly recommended to be taken by both general and pregnant women.