Thyme Leaves

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  • Description
    Thyme is another member of the venerable Lamiaceae, the mint family, that has been used since the earliest times as a medicinal herb.

  • Culinary Uses
    Matches well with: beef, carrots, chicken, figs, fish, goat cheese, lamb, lentils, onions, peas, pork, potatoes, soups, tomatoes, venison.
  • Health Benefits
    Thyme is one of the best herbs to use as a cough and cold remedy.Thyme acts both as an expectorant to clear the lungs of congestion and as a antitussive, calming coughing spasms. Thyme tea will settle the stomach, help you sleep, soothe a sore throat, relieve aches and pains, and encourage your body to sweat, helping to eliminate toxins and bring down a fever.